The President's Pitch

Welcome to the World of Subbuteo. 


This is the header of a brochure Jokari from Dallas, Texas produced introducing Subbuteo to the United States. The company also introduced the American Subbuteo Association.

“Subbuteo associations are active in over thirty countries around the world. Since beginning The American Subbuteo Association in 1982 over six thousand letters have been received. The ASA plans tournaments, provides special awards to Subbuteo leagues, publishes a Subbuteo Newsletter, and helps develop the sport of Subbuteo in the United States.”

That might not be a strong mission statement by today’s standards, however looking back it’s a cool way of presenting the game of flicking little plastic men as a viable sport and hobby. If you're reading this no doubt you’ve researched the game, watched videos and are maybe looking to learn the beautiful game of soccer in miniature. The American Subbuteo Association is here to promote the sport of Subbuteo. We support the players that wish to play the game on weekends with friends, and players who want to play competitively. We provide an infrastructure of sanctioned and International competitions, encourage players to join clubs and leagues, and offer direction for new players to improve and develop their flicking skills. In the last 36 years the association has probably gone through 36 mission statements each with different wording but all sharing the same passion. We’ve come a long way and are now organized by the players for the players. However, Sam and David Ligon had it about right “The ASA...helps develop the sport of Subbuteo in the United States.”

Welcome to The ASA and Welcome to the World of Subbuteo.



Jonathan D. Smith

President American Subbuteo Association.


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