At this time, we have no inventory to sell.  We'll make sure to add more as we learn more.

However, below is a list of equipment you may find helpful for getting started.  There are many places to go and find the best or affordable equipment.    The companies mentioned below have long supplied ASA participants for years and all have excellent service.


Choosing the right base is very similar to choosing a putter in golf.  Balance, weight, durability, cost are all factored in but in the end it's about feel and what works best for you.  Certainly, as you elevate your game, some bases will be more appropriate but when selecting the right base you should answer two questions; does this feel right and does it suit your style of flicking or play?


Most beginners are looking for something cost effective to attempt to see if they enjoy the game first.  Completely understandable.  However, factor the following:

  • WEIGHT-  Lightweight (LW), Heavyweight (HW) are terms you will hear.  LW will allow for better control of the ball to help with softer touch when surrounded by defenders.  Some disadvantages may be that it's harder to perform chip shots with or that they get pushed around more defensively.  HW will typically be better for getting the ball rolling longer and faster.  It's easier to chip, but again, for the beginner, may be difficult to control and keep possession against good defenders. As players improve, switching to a heavier base may help diversify your game.

  • BALANCE- Does your figure vibrate or rattle? If it does, your flicks are not efficient and will not perform the way they should.  It's possible that the washer inside the base has come lose or the figure is not secured properly to the base.  make sure all your figures are consistent.

  • POLISH-  It is important to polish your base before every match (most players will polish before each half).  Maximize the distance your base can glide for a smooth consistent strike of the ball.

There are hundreds of bases to choose from.  Below are recommendations of bases that are considered to be the best for getting started.  Many you can find groups on Facebook:

  • Astrobase ROOKIE Semi-Professional Bases. Perfect for beginner's on a tight budget.  Will need to secure your weight but glides well and a good starter.  Found at

  • Raptor G2 bases-  Also good for the beginner looking for an affordable option- Found at

Other brands that have a wide range of bases that most ASA players use are:

Pitches (Fields)

Having the right surface to play on, will enhance the experience of the game.  For those who have played on cotton clothes, nothing can be more frustrating than tripping over a crease!  Most pitches are now constructed with a rubber backing to keep the surface smooth throughout.  It is strongly advised to mount the pitch on a mdf board (take preventative steps to avoid board from warping!) and secure with some type of adhesive (Facebook a good source for instruction)

Below are some options to choose from:

  • EXTREME WORKS-  Most likely the fastest pitch out there.  Many ASA and European players like the speed of this.  Most ASA events feature this pitch to be the standard for top tournament play.  This pitch is around $100-$125 so is costly.  However, highly recommended.

  • ASTROTURF PRO COMPETITION modern Table Football.  Two types of these are available from Astrobase and are the official tournament pitch in the Italian Federation (FISCT) through 2020.  Some top players have said that the pitch isn't as fast as the Extreme Works pitch, however it's deemed as a premier pitch and used by many world class players in Europe. Priced around $100.

  • PEGASUS RUBBER BACKED FULL SIZE ASTROTURF- This pitch can be obtained through  This new model is an upgrade on the original Pegasus and is said to play faster than previous model.  Original Pegasus pitches did play much slower when compared to Extreme Works, however this pitch you can get for around $70



Getting the right Goals will be critical to assuring the longevity of your equipment.  Plastic Goals are nice, but they will break with an aggressive goalkeeper!  Metal goals are the way to go and below are some good options.

Extreme Works

Around $50-$60

Best on Market

Extreme Works

GT1 Pegasus Goals

Around $58-$60

Solid Construction

Subbuteo World


Around $55-$60

Official FISCT



As with the beautiful game, the ball needs to be round, move in thdirection it's supposed to go!  Sounds basic but there are many balls out there that are either to light, have creases because they are two piece construction.  Hands down the best ball to play with is the top spin balls.  Most of the equipment makers mentioned above, provide these.  You may pay anywhere from $3 to $5 per ball, but the top spin is the only way to go.

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