ASA Tournaments:
The ASA encourages all clubs to host Open tournaments.  A minimum of 4 players are needed to host an open.  Regardless of players attending, the same point values shall be awarded.
ASA Majors are pre-approved by the board prior to Season (September 1 through August 31) and must have at least 8 players. For 2019/20 season, the following tournaments have been designated Majors:  Holiday Silver (MD), Western State Open (ID), Flicko de Mayo (MI), National Championship (VA). 
Fees are $10 per player.
ASA Rankings-  The rankings will use only your 3 best performances during the year. We feel this promotes travel, yet limits someone's opportunity to gain a higher ranking simply by attending more events.

ASA Points
  • 1st Place- 10 points
  • 2nd Place- 6 points
  • 3rd/4th Place- 4 points
  • 5th through 8th Place- 2 points
  • All finishers- 1 point
  • 1st Place- 6 points
  • 2nd Place- 4 points
  • 3rd/4th Place- 2 points
  • All finishers- 1 point
For tournament submissions, please submit request to Varant Kurkeyerian at
Looking for a tournament?  Visit our 2019-20 Calendar .  See the latest Results!
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