USA World Cup Team 2016

The USA World Cup Team for the 24th FISTF World Cup at Frameries, Belgium, September 6th & 7th:


Daniel Cranston

Christian Filippella

Mike Tillman

Patrick Sheridan


Paul Eyes

Gregg Deinhart

Paul O'Donovan Rossa

Dario Passadore

The team reflects the growing abilities and newly-emerging strength in depth that we are now experiencing in USA Subbuteo. Three players invited were unable to come, which reflects this strength. Zach Walker, our seven-times USA champion and last year’s USA captain, is unable to play this year due to career progression and a new arrival in the family due weeks before the World Cup. We will sorely miss his playing level, energy and Subbuteo spirit, but it creates new opportunity as well.


The criteria for our selection became reasonably complex, as clearly ability must come first, yet with several players in the ASA on and around the same ability level, other factors such as team playing and promoting the younger talent in the Association weighed heavily as well. The Team was only fully settled a couple of weeks ago, since which time there has been a serious program of calls, getting to know each other and clarifying what the aims, and the responsibilities in being part of such a squad, are. We are particularly working on the ’the mental game’ aspect of competing, as well as the need for decent inter-support and proper response to the challenge of preparing oneself for such an occasion.


It has been decided that our aim is to give it the very best preparation, intention and performance we possibly can. We do not have any overblown views about ourselves and the USA’s relative position in global Subbuteo terms, but we already know from some of the results we have seen from our players abroad and the increasing levels of competitiveness and ‘professional’ attitude adopted by players, that the taking on the challenge of performing at this tournament is going to be a fruitful one.


We are also mindful that the international level is but one aspect of a healthy Subbuteo association, others being the fun, passion and friendship unleashed through ASA, WASPA and local FISTF tournaments and the nearly 30 Subbuteo clubs we have in the USA, and the new life and new blood of new players around the United States. Our intention is that the fruit of this World Cup engagement enhance our association as well.


The recent tournaments in California underlined to us the unique nature of the USA in global Subbuteo – where players live over 2,500 miles apart from each other and mostly only meet to play together once or twice a season, rather than say the 10-20 times more easily achievable in Europe. Because of this the team work and clarity of focus in the World Cup Team are very important.


We will keep this page updated as things occur. For questions related to the USA National Team, please contact either one of us:

Paul O’Donovan Rossa (USA Team Captain)

Dario Passadore (ASA President)

Paul Eyes (ASA Sports Director)

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